100 Club

Significant Opportunity for
Kansas Basketball Players and Fans

There are very important reasons why Kansas alumni, boosters and fans should care deeply about NIL:

  1. Kansas Basketball is a global brand. These student athletes are ambassadors for the University and their success matters greatly. This is a wonderful opportunity to reward these players for their hard work and provide assistance with brand development, creation and promotion.
  2. The rules have changed and every program is now racing to establish opportunities for their athletes. With open transfer rules, the competitive landscape is intense. Kansas Basketball players need to know that their market opportunities will be supported by our vast Jayhawk network.
  3. It’s important that we work with both current and prospective student athletes to maximize the value of their platform while creating unique opportunities to help them grow their individual brand.

So what are we doing to ensure that Kansas Basketball is leading the nation in this space?

6th Man Strategies is a consulting agency that has partnered with every individual student athlete for Kansas Men’s Basketball. We are a group led by Kansas alumni plus strategic partners to bring multiple opportunities to our players so that they can monetize their individual and collective brands.

So What is the 100 Club, and How do I Join?

The most unique opportunity we are presenting is called The 100 Club. This exclusive group of 100 supporters has each committed to donate $1,000 per month to a fund that is used for NIL opportunities for our players. Our goal with this 1.2 million dollar annual fund is to supersede what every other college program is doing nationally in NIL opportunities and ensure Kansas Basketball has the resources to remain competitive.

As a member of the 100 Club you will receive:

  • Member exclusive card
  • Annual Event w/ the team and Coach Self
  • Ball signed by the team
  • 100 Club Polo
  • Exclusive Pre/Post Game Event Access
  • One Time Basketball Practice
  • Partner Listing on website
  • Subscription to Blue Blood Exclusive
  • 100 Club Membership Book for networking
  • Discounts at Rally House
  • Discounted Green Fees at the JayHawk Club
  • Monthly Newsletter

Join the Exclusive 100 Club